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Abstract: Meditation is as a practice that isperformed by individuals all over the globe, where the individual   focuses their mind on a particular object,thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.Although the results of a good meditation session can only be felt and a longterm goal. The project aims to show the results on digital screen for a betterunderstanding of own results. During meditation Aanalysation and observation ofbrain wave is carried and data is stored and can be analysed for an enhancedperformance in meditation. The raw data is live brain signal that is receivedby TGAM and outputs is based on sensing meters say attention &meditation   that is transmitted directlyto webpage where analyzation of raw data will take place with the help ofvarious scales and factors. Process depends on the gathering and recording ofbrain signals through electrodes that are placed on the headgear. A BrainComputer Interface (BCI) is constructed to control the hardware component ofthe device. This project aims to obtain an electroencephalogram (EEG) signalfrom the constructed head gear containing. TGAM. The EEG signal can be achievedby using only three electrodes which are placed in the scalp location where wecan compare distinguishable changes in the various wave patterns of the EEGsignal. The main circuit is made of simple electronic elements such asresistors, capacitors, Quad Op-Amplifiers and Instrumentation Amplifiers. Thesignal which is obtained from the headgear machine can be analysed, processedand compared to a sample signal containing various human moods. After theconvolution of these signals the real time EEG signal will help in depicting aperson’s current mood. The overall purpose of the study is to help theindividual to get to know about his/her performance in meditation sessions andimprove it.

Keywords: NeuroskyTGAM chip, ESP8266 and IOT.

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