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Abstract:Builders often face the problem of a lack of platform for efficientcommunication with their potential customers; they are unaware of areas inwhich they should launch probable schemes in order to maximize their profits.Also it is difficult for the builders to maintain a record of the inquiries asit comes along with a lot of paperwork. This project aims at solving thisproblem by designing and implementing  aDBMS system allowing builders to make entry of all their customers who inquirefor a real estate like a flat/shops/land etc. & will provide required formsand query/reporting facilities for day-to-day usage.

The system will also provide probable andfeasible locations for launching new schemes in vicinity of places with mostnumber of inquiries. Example, if majority of customers who made inquiry for aflat in the area of Dwarka, the builder may be assisted by the Business Intelligentsystem to launch a scheme in Dwarka etc. Also, it will provide data miningfeatures for new migrants so that they can find their ideal location dependingon their preferred attributes. This is beneficial for both the customers andbuilders. The system will generate remainders, auto-mails or text messages forthe interested buyers. The system will have time tagging as work progresses andsummary reporting.

Keywords: Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Mining, DatabaseManagement System, Query Management, Database Administration Introduction

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