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Abstract: A trademark is a mark that you can use to recognize your business products or services from those of other
vendors. It can be represented graphically in the form of any Symbol, logo, words etc. so, they need to be protected. The
conceptual similarities among trademarks, which happens when more than two or more trademarks are similar.
Trademarks are possessory words and images with high reputation they are main assets, often used as an application,
which need infringement protection. The problems considered until infringement cases is the aspects, hypothetic and
phonetic similarity of various trademarks. This paper focuses on an important aspect by proposing a conceptual
similarity of trademarks and logos that can provide distance computation and suggestions of input retrieving
conceptually similar trademarks and logos.
The search and indexing technique developed uses similarity distance, which is derived using of similarity
trademark. Propose a computational approach based on semantics that can be used to suggest the input of trademarks
for conceptual similarity and to avoid the additional cost of protection to future infringement. A trademark retrieval
system is performed with the massive number of semantic trademark of the conceptual similarity.
Keywords: Conceptual similarity, trademark infringement, trademark retrieval, trademark similarity, logo comparison.

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