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Abstract: The population of our country has been increasing dayby day which increased the vehicle density and lead to many road accidents. Themain causes of accidents include drunk driving, use of mobile phones, collisionof vehicle with obstacles, over speeding etc. A lot of accidents are taking placenow-a-days because of increased vehicle density, breaking traffic rules andcarelessness. A Vehicle Emergency Notification Systemfor a vehicle includes a degree of damage predicting system that detectswhether the vehicle occupant has been injured in an accident. It consists of positionmonitoring system that monitors the position of the vehicle. If any accidentoccurs, the communication terminal receives the signal and it informs to thenearest hospital about the accident, so that the occupant can be rescued soonand gets treatment. This project can be used in the areas where there is no oneto help the injured occupant when they are met with an accident. The aim of this project is to reduce the roadaccidents occurring because of  drunkdriving which leads in  loss of invaluable human life and othervaluable goods, to avoid the theft action by making the car password enabled, detecting accidents and thus tracking theaccidental vehicle to serve emergency medical services to the victim presentinside the vehicle.

      Keywords:  Accident detection, GPS, ILCRP, VANETs.

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