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Cloud Based Biometric Medical Database System  In Ambulance Using IoT


Abstract— According to the presentscenario the time duration that is utilized for the availability of ambulanceand the availability of resources in the hospital after arriving of the patientis increasing day by day due to increase in the number of accidents and healthissues. So, to tackle the problem of time wastage when the patient arrives atthe hospital, we present this paper. Firstly, in this paper we will be gettingthe medical history of the patient using database. This information will beupdated in the central server using the concept of cloud. The moment patient isadmitted in the ambulance in order to retrieve his medical history, fingerprintrecognition is done. This biometric information that already exists in thecentral server is transferred to the hospital so that the time wastage for theprerequisites of the patient will be minimized. Finally, this paper present thedesign of a small, robust, low-cost and easily accessible biometric medicaldatabase system in ambulance using IOT. IOT enables the communication ofdiverse suite of devices and objects.

Keywords—Biometric, Fingerprint, Recognition, Robust,  IOT(Internet of Things)

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