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Abstract: In the manufacturing plants various operations are done such aspunching operations, blanking operation, forming operations. In this operationlabour is required who is able to understand the process and who works efficiently.But in these operations worker feels reduce this fatigue we havedesigned the process which can be used for minimize the labour requirements forsame manufacturing process. The manufacturing firm’s machine operates on dailyor hourly basis. In this the machine and labour cost has to be deducted fromthe annual turnover. When man and machine works together then maintenance aswell as wedges of the worker is required. This project idea reduces the labourcost because this process does not need any skilled worker it only uses aperson who will fill the raw material in the stack. Some of the industries facethe problem of shortage of the labour. Some processes require experiencedoperators but many of the times they do not get these operators. These causethat industry low production. Present manufacturing process increasesdifficulties at intermediate level. So to avoid that issue we have designedthis project. Manufacturing process contains various types of operations suchas punching, blanking process. In these processes, machine can be provendangerous to the operator. Sometimes operator works improperly and it resultsinto accidents. This makes manufacturing and labour loss. This project allowsthe machine to work without any human the accidents areavoided. When it comes to manufacturing quality, it is very essential to beprecise and accurate dimensions of the product. The reputation of the companyis built up by its quality and precise work, but in the industry the manufacturingprocesses contains lot of incorrect processes that leads to the low quality ofthe product. If the industry uses automation in these processes, more precisework can be done.

Industries manufactures product which is complex in operation. Theseoperations take lot of the time which gradually reduces the plant efficiency.Plant efficiency plays an important role in total profit of the manufacturingplant. Due to complex operations, human limitations come in the process. Toavoid these limitations automated process is required. Manual operations aremore complex and costly processes. If the industry has appointed 2 workers forone manufacturing operation, it needs to pay the workers for their work. Inautomated process the one time installment is required. Once the automation isimplemented in the plant there is no need of separate worker who interfere themanufacturing process. This result in reduced labour cost and time required forthe process.

Nowadays there are many efforts being made for takingaway the burden on the humans, the burden cause by hectic process. This leadsto more chances of collision which is associated with manual operation. Inmanual process the proper utilization of raw material does not take place whichcauses wastage of raw material. Such type of problem is minimizing byimplementing “Automation for theProcess of Loading and Unloading of Metal Sheet”.

Keywords: manufacturing process,loading and unloading, processautomation. 

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Special issue on Coronavirus "India & COVID-19" coming soon 



Department of Civil Engineering, Amity University Haryana,

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