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Abstract:Groundnut is the sixth most important oilseed crop in the world. Groundnut is avaluable source of edible oil (43-55%) and protein (25-28%) for human beings,and fodder for livestock. The major problem in groundnut production in countrylike India is the lack of groundnut processing machines available to farmers.In the beginning the peanuts were separated from its shells by the workers. Theoutput from this method was very less and could not satisfy the market demandas it was very time consuming process. Numbers of groundnut Sheller machinesare available in the market but they are large in size, costly and not suitablefor domestic applications, they are best suitable for industrial applicationswhere mass production is required. Hence it is essential to design andfabricate a portable groundnut decorticator machine for domestic application. Inthis project the process of designing the different parts of this shelling andseparating machine considering all forces and ergonomic factor for people touse. The particular design of this project reduces all the causes and improvesthe efficiency. It consists of the hopper, crushing chamber, separationchamber, blower unit and the frame for support. The crushing chamber and blowerunit is powered by electrically which save the time. The Output is about 20-25kg/hour. The machine is also light weight, easy to operate and maintain.

Keywords:Groundnutdecorticator, evaluation, fabrication.

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