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Abstract: In the world every day a large percentage of peopledie because of traffic accidents. An effective approach for reducing trafficproblems is: first building automatic accident detection system, second, is byminimizing the time to provide the medical and other emergency services. Recenttechnologies are using built-in vehicle automatic accident detection andnotification system. Even though these applications work fine, theirinstallation cost is more expensive, maintenance complex task, and are notavailable in all cars.  On the otherhand, the ability to detect accidents using smartphones has only becomepossible due to the advances in the processing power and built-in sensor insmartphones. Many smartphone-based accident detection systems depend on thehigh speed of the vehicle (extracted from the smartphone GPS receiver) and theG-Force value extracted from smartphone accelerometer sensor to detect anaccident. From many researches has confirmed that most of the road- accidentsoccur at low speed of the vehicle. Hence, in addition to the high-speedaccident detection, this system concentrated on low speed car accidentdetection. The main problem which is to encounters the low speed accident ishow to check whether the driver is inside the vehicle or outside the vehicle,walking or slowly running. The effect of this obstacle is minimized, in thiswork, by a proposed mechanism that distinguishes between the speed variation oflow speed vehicle and walking or slowly running person. This system consists oftwo Modules: first one is detection module which is used to detect car accidentin low and high speeds. The notification module is second module andimmediately after an accident is indicated, it is used to send detailedinformation accident location, etc. to the emergency responder for fastrecovery.

Keyword:-MobileComputing, GPS, Accident Detection, Android Device, Health Industry

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Special issue on Coronavirus "India & COVID-19" coming soon 



Department of Civil Engineering, Amity University Haryana,

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