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Abstract: Weapon, A tool predominantly used for defense, protection, and confliction or maybe contest. But there is not even one
unique pragmatic or positive aftermath. That is because at least one fringe or side ends up being deceased, wounded, incapacitated
during the events of any kind of unavoidable friction i.e. defense, conflict or protection. But, yes, we can eliminate the contest as
a deviation or exception unless it uses a living target. Because living targets always ends up reaching their demise.
Weapon is a mechanism for the means of destruction whether it is minute or massive. It is the source code of war. War economy
always pays off with all sorts of negative consequences. It started when mankind first understood the concept of righteousness,
clan, power, leadership. The first weapon used, was a piece of rock then it advanced to hand club, bow, spear etc. Since then, with
the evolution of human mind and introduction of fire, science, minerals, the equipment of destruction has also evolved to a
significant level. Now a days we have variety of weapons – small bullets, cutlery to nuclear weapons, which is able to level a massive
city just like a finger snap. Many of these weapons are augmented with auto guidance system, laser technology and many other
advanced systems.
There are many types of weapons-small bullets (7.62mm , 9mm , 12 gauge) , cutlery ,missiles , rockets , mines ,TNT , satchel charge
etc. But our most important concern is Bio-Weapon. Bio-Weapon is one significant kind of weapon class. It is equipped with Bio-
Agent or Virus or Algae or Fungus. They may be lethal or Non-Lethal.
Bio-Weapon is an abomination in human world. The effects are catastrophic and beyond imagination. There is not a single
enthusiastic outcome from using Bio-Weapons. Existence of bio weapon must be diminished, because Prevention is always better
than cure.

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Special issue on Coronavirus "India & COVID-19" coming soon 



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