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Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technical industry with far-reaching implications for enterprise and government. Some believe that a fifth technological revolution is on the horizon, with artificial intelligence as the driving force. Datascience-driven algorithms would almost certainly hold the key to long-term plans and decisions in a wide range of markets. In corporate processes, such as strategic strategy, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, and product design, AI can play an increasingly important role. The organisational scope of AI is likely to include both practical and strategic aspect of industry.AI instruments and results can be closely linked to issues such as product growth, business development, supply chain, customer behaviour, information technology, and many others. It benefits in many ways such as products and services are functional instruments rather than financial derivatives. If AI is implemented across business organisation one can find many of the benefits in initial days. As AI is one time investment and improving technology and will provide long term benefits in business organisations, it will provide a number of benefits in the long term. The use of AI in marketing is no different and will have a positive impact on the organisation.Machines have been so intelligent that they can mimic more complicated tasks. Organizations must decide which capabilities to invest in, whether to create them in-house or procure them internationally. To achieve absolute AI, the first step is to use big data, the second is to apply analytics, and the third is to forecast. AI is being used by companies working in IT, marketing, banking, accounting, and distribution to improve their competitiveness and performance. It can be used to optimise customer experiences using chat bots or to better understand how to adapt content to specific users. Deep Learning technologies such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) allow not only data analysis but also data synthesis.Keywords: Technical industry, Artificial Intelligent, Business organization, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

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Special issue on Coronavirus "India & COVID-19" coming soon 



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