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Abstract: This paper throws the light upon green marketing. The aim of this paper is to discover the challenges and opportunity in the arena of green marketing in today’s scenario. Green word doesn’t mean green color, while it reflects ecofriendly Green marketing refers to marketing and selling of products that should be ecofriendly. Green marketing is very good concept for marketers as it plays major role as opportunities. Green marketing has been defined by AMA as “The study of the positive and negative aspects of marketing activities on pollution, energy depletion and non-energy resource depletion.” Although some challenges will arise in the development of green marketing. The objective of this paper is to explore the vast opportunities and challenges in green marketing. Green marketing can plays very vital role in modern marketing. The result of green marketing is to save environment and enhancement of green consumers. This paper also discusses how marketing have increased their value via green marketing. This paper also examines the today’s inclinations of green marketing. Why marketers should adopt it and what is the future of Green marketing? This is ecofriendly and it will save our generation and civilization by prohibiting pollution and adulteration. Future of green marketing is very bright. Green marketing boost up the business by its environment friendly characteristics. Although government boost up the green marketing for the purpose of environment safety but if the consumer will not change their behavior then green marketing will go in vein. Hence this is very essential to aware consumer about green marketing and its challenges and opportunities. In today’s environment government is very concerned about environmental problems. Hence it is very necessary to aware people and also aware about challenges, opportunities and threats also.Keywords: Green marketing, environment, opportunities, challenges, green consumer

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Special issue on Coronavirus "India & COVID-19" coming soon 



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